May 27, 2011
By Harryela Daffa
My best love to my child ELLA & DAFFA

love to my child

Hay … my name is Ella, I am from Indonesia. I was born in Tebing Tinggi in 1996. Currently I am still in yunnior high school. Tebing Tinggi is the name of a city in North Sumatra. I have a brother named Daffa. I’m very fond of her. My father worked at the company’s oil palm plantations in West Kalimantan. Every six months my father came home. Kalimantan is the name of an island in Indonesia.

I really miss him. My father was very indulgent to me, maybe because I was a teenage girl. My mother worked as a radio announcer in the Pematang Siantar. Ella like to make friends with people all over the world. Play games and see the world on the Internet is my favorite hobby. Let’s build our friendship and peace on earth.

Does not feel soon I will enter the Senior High Scholl. I am very confused to choose the right school. Want to taste quick quick left Junior High Scholl. I’m not a kid anymore. Horeeee … My daddy told me to school in Bandung. Wow! I must leave the brother and mother. Sad indeed, it feels like hanging out with my father, mother and little brothers in a house. But when will ya?

My father working in Kalimantan makes him unable to gather every day with the family. Still remember when we were kids, gather. My father often took the streets when school holidays or on Sunday. My father always bought something I liked. Oh yes, soon…I have an exam, I had to learn with diligence so as not to upset my parents.

Remmember me to Papa..Mom and my little brother Daffa.

Greetings of peace from the Earth Indonesia

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