July 10, 2012
By Harryela Daffa

Motormaticinjeksiirithargamurah every home should have a motorcycle because the people of Indonesia for the Indonesian people today are not primary but secondary needs needs. Yamaha Motor Indonesia is therefore issuing a new breakthrough Motorcycle efficient injection cheap Yamaha Mio J.

Matic injection motors economical prices so far only dream matic motorcycle lovers in Indonesia, but eventually the lovers dream scooter (scooter matic) Indonesia is now embodied in the most efficient motor matic manufactures Yamaha Motor matic J. Mio best start in the market in February year 2012 is now much more efficient than the Yamaha Mio penadahulunya, not only more efficient 10%, 20% but 30%. wow .. Motor bikes really cheap economical injection matic – A Yamaha Mio the most economical. 

Matic injection motors economical prices – Yamaha Mio J

Matic injection uniqueness efficient motorcycle Yamaha Mio A course has been started from its name. The letter “J” who is behind the name “Mio” is a prefix of FI technology called Yamaha Yamaha Jet-Fuel Mixture Injection (YMJET-FI). Meaning of the tagline is also very deep and become perfection Mio J. Because, with Yamaha’s cutting-edge technology users can enhance engine performance and fuel efficiency to 30 percent. This is also why Mio J called “It’s Magic.” 

Best Motor matic 2012

Nothing wrong if we say Yamaha Mio motorcycle matic best 2012 J Motor matic injection economical because low prices – Yamaha Mio J is not only economical, but it also has amotor matic motor matic injection engine performance is very impressive with acceleration like a jet engine. 

Sophistication of the machine Yamaha Yamaha Mio Mio J J makes the most efficient motor matic 2012 
Mio Iritnya J supported a series of systems that applied to the machine, ie Low Friction Technology, DiAsil Forged Piston and Cylinder, Fuel Pump and YMJET-FI (Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture-JET). 

Low Friction Technology developed to reduce any kind of friction or friction. Effect of heat on the engine lower so that more efficient fuel consumption due to engine temperatures are well controlled. It is applied to the Cam Shaft (Bearing Added special) and Cranksaft Assy, so the rotation effect is softer and very low heat. Not enough, the cooling system of injectionYamaha Motor matic J Mio comes with Turbo Fan engine that is able to cool quickly. 

Forged Piston and Cylinder DiAsil on Yamaha Mio motorcyclematic benefits of high compression piston clearance and steady. High compression can be explained from DiAsil Cylinder material that is not full metal but it is mixed with silicon so that when there is pressure or compression, DiAsil Cylinder walls become more dynamic (flexible wall). 

While the stability of the piston clearance because of the distance between the walls Forged Piston and Cylinder DiAsil awake. Because of that, so there will be damage to the wall and Forged Piston Cylinder DiAsil. 

Other components in the system matic Yamaha Mio motorcycle engine which makes iteconomical J Fuel Pump is a very compact (solid), low electricity consumption (low electrical energy consumption), as well as good fuel consumption (able to control the injection of gasoline from the tank to the engine area). 

And certainly, YMJET-FI which is well known Indonesian society. YMJET-FI produce complete combustion, maximum power, but is very economical and environmentally friendly fuel.YMJET-FI also ensure more accurate spraying gasoline is guaranteed, in accordance with the requirements of motorcycle engines. With YMJET-FI fuel consumption is very efficient at low speed to medium. 

Still there are ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which works very intelligent. This system accurately will receive important information from the sensors are embedded in some important parts of the machine. 

Call it, TPS sensor (Throttle Position Sensor), IATS (Intake Air Sensor), IAPS (Intake Air Pressure sensor), ISC (Idle Speed ​​Sensor), O2 sensor, and Crank Angle Sensor. All the sensors that respond and give instructions quickly and accurately to the injector supplying fuel to the engine as needed, so that it remains efficient despite a full-powered.

A secret Mio Motor matic efficient injection

One of the secrets behind the consumption of fuel injection Yamaha Motor matic Mio J is economical in YMJET-FI technology, the injector is located at a position that leads directly into the combustion chamber. This technical condition to make the flow is not blocked. 

In addition, the technology-FI YMJET Air Assist system also pinned Passage (special air channels on the system YMJET-FI). The system works quickly directs the supply air and create turbulence effects that make the fuel and air mixture to be easily burned in the combustion chamber. 

Even for driving situations which tend to be “extreme” ones, such as acceleration, deceleration and high load, the ECU is able to control the balance still needs fuel and air in ideal conditions. 

Specifications Yamaha Mio motorcycle matic J

A performance Mio is definitely assured superiority. This is thanks to leading Yamaha diaplikasinya line of advanced electronic technology, namely diasil cylinder, forged piston, and YMJET-FI. So it’s not an exaggeration to Mio J was born as the motor as fast as a jet of high-performance automatic and agile as Mio, supported by the ability of efficient and durable. 

A Mio machine specification using type 4-stroke engine, 2 valve, SOHC, and fan-cooled 113 cc capacity. This machine is capable of generating power in the run up to 7.75 PS 8500 rpm with peak torque reached 8.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm. 

Another important feature found in Mio J is the key shutter key (magnet) which enhance the protection of motorcycle theft. Therefore, when you no longer need to park troubled. 

Matic motor design Mio J Yanaha best overall was interesting. Update appropriate time to adjust to consumers who are savvy in choosing a motor. The design takes the flow lines that are disconnected from the body front to rear body thus creating the impression of harmony.Sporty, sophisticated and dynamic. 

Yamaha Mio A body surface is not flat but has a touch of curves of the shadow effect of high-quality elegant and nuanced. Mio prominent dots J as a whole can be seen on the rear body, spack board, leg shield and head lamp. 

Variant type and color of the motorcycle Yamaha Mio matic injection J

For most consumers Indonesia, choose the motor matic injection technology does not just stop at a factor of fuel efficient and lower-priced (economical). There are still other considerations that are not less important, namely the design. The problem is not many brands that offer these important elements in one package. 

Fortunate to now have been available in the national market Yamaha Mio scooter matic latest J. With the motorcycle consumer can bring these benefits to fuel efficient technology, low prices and attractive design. Moreover Yamaha provides two types to choose from, namely Mio Mio J J Family and Teen. 

Yamaha Mio specifically created type J Family to the public or families who want to look dynamic. A Teen While Mio was created to accompany wishes more young people who want to look trendy confidently.

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