Promo Indonesia Borobudur
June 12, 2012
By Harryela Daffa
Promo Indonesia Borobudur

Promo Indonesia Borobudur

Promo Indonesia Borobudur – International event called Borobudur Interhash 2012 which took place in Magelang, Central Java, Borobudur Temple, Saturday (26/5) is expected to increase tourism promotion in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the government is targeting, the year of 2012, tourist arrivals reached eight million people.

Promo Indonesia Borobudur

“Interhash this time attended by 4800 participants from 50 countries in Indonesia. This indicates that Indonesia has succeeded in organizing this event,” said Minister of Tourism and the Creative Economy of Indonesia, Mari Elka Pangestu.

Mari Elka interhash explain this year’s event is just held in Borobudur Temple as it is still showing the history, culture, nature, and community life. By looking directly, foreign tourists can learn about property owned by Indonesia as traditional dances, traditions, and other local cultures.

International events, he added, also helped change the view of foreign tourists that Indonesia has many tourist destinations other than Bali. “The hope is not only a tourist destination centered on Bali but the entire region in Indonesia,” Mari said, adding the number of foreign tourists until recently reached 2 million people.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in Yogyakarta time, Friday (25/5), any hope of international events can increase the promotion of tourism in Indonesia.

(Olivia Levi Pramesti)


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