Top 1 Oli Sintetik Mobil Motor Indonesia no 1
August 23, 2011
By Harryela Daffa
top 1

top 1

Top 1 Oli Sintetik Mobil Motor Indonesia no 1 has long been involved with racing events that test the limits of performance. In addition to sponsoring Rally Pan America’s 2009 Dakar entry, Top 1 Oil most recently became the world’s “fastest motorcycle oil” when the TOP 1 ACK Attack streamliner toppled the existing absolute FIM motorcycle land speed record with a blistering 360.913 mph run on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah

Top 1 Oli Sintetik Mobil Motor Indonesia no 1 So basically synthetic oils are also derived from mineral oil and is designed to produce a more effective performance than the mineral oil. Another grouping is based on the type of oil viscosity . The size of the oil viscosity is generally known as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). SAE 5W-30 means 5W (Winter) shows the temperature of cold work on the viscosity of the oil 5 and the hottest temperatures will be working on the viscosity 30. For each country, the standard recommended oil is different of course adapted to the temperature and weather. For example below is the type of engine oil viscosity for both car-motor or other machinery that is recommended

  1. 5W-30 for cold weather like in Sweden
  2. 10W-30 for the climate was like in the UK
  3. 15W-30 for hot weather in the region such as Indonesia

Well there’s not a picture, a description that I adapted from wikipedia Indonesia.

About Top 1 Oil

TOP 1 Oil Products Company was founded in 1979 with the purpose of providing quality car care lubricants to consumers worldwide. Nearly thirty years later, TOP 1 has grown into a much larger organization, and its extensive product line is recognized worldwide for its quality and innovation.

Top 1 Oli Sintetik Mobil Motor Indonesia no 1 is unique from most businesses for it has been continually owned and operated by one family. Today, three generations of Ryans continue to pursue the organizing principle of its founder, William A. Ryan.

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